ARC Planning Application: Westward Ho! Park

Atlantic Racquet Centre is a Community Charity, which is dedicated to promoting, encouraging and facilitating the playing of tennis and other racquet sports, plus gym and fitness, to benefit the public health well-being of the whole community within Torridge from young to old at an affordable and accessible level. 

ARC have joined with Torridge District Council to submit a planning application for a mixed development, which includes two brand new tennis courts, a community building, and a children’s play area, all to be located on the existing tennis courts and park site in Westward Ho!

 It is ARC’s opinion that the proposed TDC scheme represents the best opportunity for high quality tennis facilities to be made available to the whole community in Westward Ho! 

ARC have no financial commitment to this project, and will not benefit financially in any way from this scheme. They are however prepared to promote the facilities and provide tennis related activities on the two new courts. 

They are prepared to provide Tennis Coaching for children and adults, holiday camps for local children and holidaymakers, and encourage local schools and other community groups to utilize the courts.  

 ARC Trustees