Project Progress:

  1. The LTA have now approved our plans for the remaining part of the building.

  2. We now need to agree the specifications and draw up the final plans.

  3. Then we need to get 80% of the plan fully costed.

  4. Then we need to update the business plan and pass a copy to the LTA.

  5. If we do not have enough funds promised from the LTA & TDC we need to raise the funds to fill the gap.

  6. Then we can draw down the money from the LTA and TDC (£475k).

  7. Then we can commence work on the final stage.

Sponsorship Required for New Court Cleaner:

We desperately need to purchase a new cleaner for the indoor tennis courts which will cost £6000.00 but at the moment we do not have the funds to cover this so we are looking for a sponsor who may be able to donate the funds required or at least help towards the cost. If you have any contacts that could help, can you please contact David Vinall – Trustee (Tel: 07388 895111 or Email: david@vinalls.co.uk