kids area

Pantosaurus wants everybody to stay safe and strong just like him. If you have any worries then it’s always best to talk to an adult you trust. A secret that makes you worry is a bad secret and you should always talk about secrets that upset you. Here at ARC there are lots of adults who are happy to listen to you.

The Racket Pack Characters

If you love to play Badminton then you should meet Smash, Tink, Flo and Wise - The Racket Pack Characters! With lots of cool stuff for you to discover and trick shots for you to try, click here to take a look!

Logo Design Competition

We need a brand new ARC safeguarding logo and we need your help to design it! If you’re feeling creative and think you can help then ask your grown up to click here for all the details and how to enter!


Above are our coaches who you will recognise from around the centre - Steve, Lottie, Marian, Tom V and Tom P.

karen morris 2.png

You will also often see Karen here, she is our Welfare Officer and her job is to keep everybody safe. She is a great person to talk to if you have any worries at all.

Meet the Miss-Hit Characters

The Miss-Hits are an all-girl group who love tennis and think that being sporty is as cool as it is healthy. Click here to meet all of the characters and find out more!